Nummer 3590



On the 30th of September, the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten published 12 cartoons in its edition, representing the Prophet Mohammed. However, in Islamic culture it is forbidden to show any drawing of Mohammed. So it isn’t unreasonable that there would follow a reaction towards the cartoonists from the Muslim World.

But in a democratic society, such as our Western World, it’s unacceptable that two of those cartoonists had to go into hiding after some calls in which they were threatened by dead. Some Islamic countries, such as Saoudi-Arabia, have already declared that they would boycot Danish wares and goods because of the cartoons. The Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen was asked by a number of ambassadors of Islamic countries to undertake measures against Jyllands Posten. Fortunately Rasmussen declared that Denmark is a country in which the freedom of press is a high-valued good. And in the city of Gaza (Palestinia), a number of 15 armed men attacked the office of European Union-embassy. These are all facts that cannot be accepted as a legitime reaction against the cartoons.

Because our Western society, to which Denmark also belongs to, is in danger after those threats of an agressive anti-democratic group of Muslims; this petition has been started to show the sympathy and empathy towards Jyllands Posten and the Danish society in general. The democracy thanks you in advance to sign this petition.