Angesichts der eher bescheidenen Neuerungen in der nächsten Version von MacOS X hatte ich mich schon gefragt, ob die Entwicklung von Betriebssystemen so langsam an ihr Ende kommt.

Lorelle weiß es besser:

In other ways, I’m embarrassed and frustrated with the lack of many advancements in computer technologies. We are still stuck with this blasted keyboard, and no good replacement in the near future. File storage is still inconvenient and undependable. Speed continues to be an issue, on every front, not just web access. Communication has improved, but it still is inconvenient and sometimes comes with a high learning curve. Translation abilities are on the rise, but it feels like it is taking too long to get adequate language translations that happen quickly and easily. And sometimes, the best and easiest technologies to use are still very expensive.